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About us

BroadwayPrints is the premier destination for procuring fine art from over 30 years of New York City's performing arts history. 

A once in a lifetime chance to experience and own a piece of New York City's history through the lens of the greatest photographers of our time. BroadwayPrints was founded by Jeremy Shevett, son of featured photographers Anita and Steve Shevett, with the intent of continuing his family’s legacy while giving back to the community that helped raise him. It is for this reason that a portion of all proceeds will be donated to The Actors Fund as well as other charitable organizations in the acting community.

Jeremy Shevett on Broadway

BroadwayPrints selectively chooses its photographers and curates collections of their work. Each print is part of a limited series, containing a unique identifier and seal of authenticity.

Affiliate Partner of The Actors Fund